Marli Huijer & Reinjan Mulder (2009)

This book is about starting over, starting over in life, with a new partner, career, or house. In this book, Huijer and Mulder further investigate Huijer’s previous statement: to really start over one has to radically break with the self, the environment and the past. But even then, one's old life will be knocking on the door eventually. It is an illusion that the past can be forgotten and erased. How do you deal with your past in a new future?

In 2012, the book Opnieuw beginnen was nominated for the shortlist of the Socratic exchange cup 2011.

Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Nieuw Amsterdam

In de Media

  • Het boek Opnieuw beginnen werd genomineerd voor de SHORTLIST van de SOCRATESWISSELBEKER. Winnaar was Luuk van Middelaar.