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In Discipline Huijer explores the relationship between freedom and discipline in the modern world. Why do we detest discipline? And without it, how are we to deal with an abundance of time, information, material goods, food and drink, and with the diversity of love affairs, family structures, education and work opportunities available to us?

How are we to know what we want and abide by our choices? Using intriguing examples – crowd discipline at pop concerts; order in the army and in child-rearing; self-control on a shopping trip – Huijer dissects different forms of discipline in changing times. She closes with an analysis of today’s circumstances, in which the disciplining of our urges can partly be delegated to apps that guide our behaviour. Freedom of choice continues to grow and we are expected to keep a grip on our impulses, which can be an immense challenge. Huijer shows how we have sought a new balance time and again, from one era to the next. Huijer shows that discipline is more than being obedient, but when used correctly enables us to make time for the things that really matter. Discipline isn’t all that bad.